Explore how to use your different molecules in ZTX™ ONCOLEADS

Test the tumor killing capacity of your compound

The output includes translational data with anti-tumor efficacy and anti-metastatic efficacy for a range of concentrations to identify the relevant pharmacokinetic parameters needed for further preclinical and clinical drug development.

Larvae are housed individually in a 96-well format, allowing high-throughput screening, requiring a very low volume of your lead drug candidate. Only 2 μg is needed to test 100 larvae in a concentration of 200 µg/kg.

The ZTX™ ONCOLEADS platform is compatible with all types of pharmaceutical treatments, individually or in combination in an in-vivo cancer model.

Small molecules

Screen many small molecules in a translational in-vivo cancer model to provide the best possible foundation for selecting the most promising candidates for further development.

We have experience with compounds of varying solubility, including compounds that are highly hydrophobic, many different types of vehicles, delivery routes, and targeting regimens.

Large molecules

We offer high-throughput screening for anti-cancer treatments. Test large molecules such as ADCs or antibodies, other biologics, nanoparticle delivery systems, or vectors for gene therapy, individually or in combination.

The test molecules are co-injected with tumor cells to ensure a stable and reproducible concentration of the molecules in the tumor or injected i.v. to recapitulate the intended clinical delivery route of the compound.