BioReperia presents 3 posters at AACR 2020

We are happy to finally share the three abstracts that are accepted for poster presentation at the annual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in June! These studies will demonstrate how PDX models could be used in our zebrafish tumor xenograft platform ZTX™ ONCOLEADS. The AACR conference will be digital and posters will be presented in a virtual poster event through the AACR website June 22-24.

The first abstract is titled "Zebrafish patient tumor-derived xenograft models used for pre-clinical evaluation of CAN04 for lung and pancreatic cancer" and is a study in collaboration with Cantargia AB and Charles River Laboratories, where new data is presented showing potent effects of the Cantargia antibody CAN04 with cisplatin on tumor growth in our zebrafish xenograft screening system.

The second abstract is titled "Zebrafish patient tumor-derived xenograft models synergize with mouse-PDX models for understanding variation in anti-cancer drug responses" and is a collaborative study with Charles River Laboratories. Here we evaluated the zebrafish tumor xenograft model as a tool for screening PDX models to select the best candidates for rodent studies as well as a tool to evaluate metastases.

The third abstract is titled "Translation of zebrafish tumor-derived xenograft-models for improved diagnosis and treatment planning in urinary bladder cancer patients" and present data from our clinical collaboration where we evaluate response to cisplatin on tumor tissue from bladder cancer patients and compare to the clinical response seen in the patient.

The posters will be available on our home page after the meeting.