About us

Why BioReperia?

We are dedicated to providing unique services that accelerate anti-cancer drug discovery.

We assist our customers to select the best new drug candidates more efficiently and rapidly move them from preclinical to early stage clinical development.

We value knowledge and believe this plus an innovative mindset is the key to success.

We care about patients

About Us

BioReperia is a privately-owned contract research organization (CRO) that was founded in September 2015 based on technology developed at Linköping University in Sweden.

Our technology is used to accelerate drug discovery and in clinical trials to test individual treatments on specific patients. We are active as a CRO in the European market for drug discovery in academic institutions and in pharmaceutical companies.

BioReperia is currently involved in several EU-funded projects and always looking for additional ways that we can impact research in healthcare, academia, and the pharmaceutical industry. We welcome collaborations that can speed up development of cutting-edge technology for drug discovery.


Reperia is derived from the Latin word ‘reperio’ meaning discovery or research and was used by ancient Roman scientists to describe their work with identifying new ways of treating diseases.