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31 August 2021

Join us during these five consecutive months from September to January on our pursuit for giving insight on how the zebrafish is utilized as an in-vivo model and a tool for drug discovery and BioReperias zebrafish tumor xenograft (ZTX) model. 

The BioReperia team is excited to present its webinar series titled

Something smells fishy: Removing doubts – Zebrafish an exceptional translational in-vivo tool for drug development and personalized medicine in cancer

Starting off with our first session

Part 1

Recapitulating patient tumor complexity, heterogeneity and drug responses in 5-days using ZTX models

In this live webinar, Dr Vildevall will talk about how patient derived xenograft (PDX) models can be established in zebrafish, and how such studies have helped accelerate and de-risk late pre-clinical drug development projects. Tumor tissues from patients, implanted and expanded in immunocompromised mice, have been in used by researchers and the Pharma industry to understand how cancer drugs or disease mechanisms work before continuing to clinical trials. Such mouse PDX models are however laborious and therefore costly, and generally require a few to several months before results can be obtained. Recently, zebrafish-PDX models have been established based on biobanked PDX-tissues and demonstrated the same response to targeted and untargeted cancer drugs as the corresponding mouse-PDX models – however with results being delivered in only 5 days. 

Join this live session to find out more about how zebrafish PDX models are generated and utilized, and how they may synergize with mouse-PDX models to accelerate and de-risk late pre-clinical drug development.


Malin Vildevall, PhD
BioReperia, CSO

Webinar language: English


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