We are a contract research organization (CRO) that increase the speed for your pre-clinical drug development


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Drug Discovery Accelerated

Many drugs fail at late stages of development due to efficacy issues.

BioReperia has developed a unique zebrafish tumor xenograft (ZTX™) technology platform that provides functional in-vivo data to evaluate treatment efficacy for tumor regression and metastasis inhibition in only 5 days.

Our goal is to increase the speed and accuracy of preclinical drug development for cancer treatment, enabling you to select the lead candidates with the highest potential to succeed in less time.

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Our Unique Solution

Drug Discovery Solution

We provide a humanized, in-vivo oncology drug discovery platform, ZTX™ ONCOLEADS, that mimics the complex tumor environment, allowing you to select the best lead candidates for further pharmaceutical development within 5 days.

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Precision Medicine Solution

Our ZTX™ PREDICT platform identifies the most efficient anti-cancer drug for individual patients within 5 days, providing clinical decision support for pharmaceutical or surgical treatment.

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25 November 2020
Latest news
Dec 1-3 we will participate in this year’s edition of PREDICT: Tumor models London that have rearranged to a completely virtual event. The focus of the meeting this year is Tune your Preclinical Outcomes to Fast-Track Oncology Therapeutics into Clinic through Enhances Model Platform s &Selection Strategy. BioReperia will have an oral presentation as well […]
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  • In our academic research, we look for small molecular compounds with antiepileptic properties.

    BioReperia supplied us with zebrafish larvae and they performed toxicology tests of our compounds prior to our electrophysiological recordings. The collaboration with BioReperia has worked very well, they are responsive to our needs and are willing to share their knowledge. Without their flexibility and knowledge, our recordings would have been very difficult to perform.

    Pre-clinical researcher, PhD
    Linköping University
  • BioReperia´s innovative technology speeds up the process to mammalian testing

    Bioreperia's innovative approach based on ZTX™ ONCOLEADS has been very useful for screening and accelerating our discovery program toward mammalian testing. From support of study design to full interpretation of results, our experience has been rewarding. Finally, the Swedish management style was quite agreeable on a more personal level.

    Researcher, CEO
    SME, Switzerland

We care about reducing cancer mortality for patients

BioReperia is a contract research laboratory (CRO) that is dedicated to providing a unique service to accelerate anti-cancer drug discovery. Our goal is to assist each customer to efficiently select the best new drug candidates and move them rapidly from preclinical to early stage clinical development. We can make something great together!

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