The in-vivo diagnostic tool to personalize treatment of cancer patients, thereby improving precision, treatment outcome, and survival.

Identify the right treatment to the right patient


Functional analysis
Patient-specific data
Not dependent on specific mutations
Drug efficacy for tumor regression and inhibition of metastasis
Identifies responders and non-responders for specific treatments
Selects the most efficient drug from the treatment plan

Creates a tumor with its specific microenvironment and analyzes drug efficacy within 3 days

How it works

A solid microtumor with metastases is created from a patient´s own tumor cells in zebrafish larvae. The rapid vascularization of the developed microtumor creates a microenvironment that recapitulates the patient’s disease profile.
We test the drugs currently available to treat the specific diagnosis and provide data within a week on how efficient the different treatment options are at inhibiting growth and metastasis in-vivo. 
We provide the oncologist with in-vivo data as clinical decision support for how an individual patient will respond to different treatments.

Reduce cancer mortality

It is hard to predict individual drug responses to commonly used cancer drugs

We need better methods to predict individual response to different types of medical treatments. In some cases, a treatment plan fails because only a subgroup of patients responds to that treatment. On the other hand, patients who do respond to the first-line treatment have an excellent 5-year survival rate.

With more than 200 different anti-cancer drugs on the market and a multitude of other treatment options (i.e., surgery, radiation therapy), patients who do not respond to current first-line treatment may benefit from a different drug, combination of drugs, or procedure.

Individualized treatment would identify and prioritize patients who will not respond to standard treatment and offer them alternative medical treatments or immediate surgery if this is an option for the specific tumor type.

BioReperia´s vision is to radically reduce cancer mortality by predicting the most efficient cancer treatments for each individual patient within a week, instead of the current wait time of 4-6 months.

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