ZTX™ ONCOLEADS is a powerful tool for evaluating drug efficacy in PDX models

PDX in-vivo cancer model in zebrafish

Choose between more than 400 hundreds of extensively characterized pdx models in our partner charles river laboratories’s vast library
List of PDX models

Recapitulate anti-tumor and anti-metastatic drug efficacy in patients

Screen models for your next mouse PDX study

Test anti-tumor and anti-metastatic drug efficacy in a large number of PDX models to select those with the best chance for success in subsequent mouse studies.

Predict anti-metastatic responses with high accuracy

ZTX™ ONCOLEADS accurately predicts the metastatic potential of PDX models and thereby provides insights into the anti-metastatic efficacy of drug candidates.

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models in zebrafish larvae provide a unique humanized oncology drug discovery platform that mimics the complex tumor microenvironment and pathophysiology of the patient.

Evaluate the robustness and inter-patient variability in multiple PDX models

Test your lead drug candidate in a PDX trial

Design customized PDX trials including different patient groups or sub-groups to find those with the highest chance of exhibiting superior drug response.

Identify synergies between your drug candidate and a standard care treatment

Combine your drug candidate with standard care treatments and identify the groups of patients with the highest efficacy.

ZTX™ ONCOLEADS created from PDX-material increase the accuracy and translatability of the results, reducing the risk of selecting non-viable lead drug candidates for further analysis.

Explore how to use your different molecules in the ZTX™ platform

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